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New Hope United is the perfect place for young people who want to serve God and make a difference in this world! Whether you know your life’s calling or haven’t quite figured it out yet, United gives you a solid foundation to be a passionate follower of Jesus and a purposeful leader of people. United is located in Simi Valley, California, just 35 minutes north of Los Angeles and 30 minutes from the Pacific coast’s most beautiful beaches. The United ELN program is part of New Hope Christian Fellowship led by Senior Pastor, James Craft. Like other ELN programs, the focus of United is to launch young leaders forward with discipleship, college-level courses, and hands-on ministry experience. What sets United apart from any other program as a unique opportunity is our two amazing ministry tracks. If you choose the Worship & Media ministry track you will serve alongside New Hope Worship Pastor and Press Play lead singer, Dave Hanley. You’ll learn things like how to plan a service, organize a worship team, and incorporate creative worship such as hip-hop dance. You will also learn film & media production, editing, basic sound engineering, media projection. The icing on the cake is that you will also get to serve at Dream Records, New Hope’s own music recording label where you’ll learn how to promote Christian artists in the music industry! If you choose the NextGen ministry track you will serve alongside New Hope NextGen Pastor and Foursquare National NextGen Leader, Kelly Fellows. You’ll learn how to design ministry for all ages, from “cradle to college.” This includes preparing lessons and illustrations for kids in HopeTown children’s ministry; leading activities in NH Tweens; learning to run events, small groups, follow up, etc. for Switch youth ministry; and how to reach your peers in young adult specific ministry. Both tracks get to participate in outreaches, conferences, retreats, camps, church events, and a mission trip! For more information on how to join United visit our website, (http://newhopeunited or call 805.581.1628. This entry was posted in Articles, Featured, Video and tagged , , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink.
  • Tim Mossholder

    I’m thankful for this great ministry — and I appreciate Pastor James Craft’s passion for raising up young leaders. 

  • Deaster

    Great church, great leaders, great opportunity! By the way did I mention great district:)

    • Tim Mossholder

       Dennis: no you hadn’t mentioned that New Hope is in a great district — but I would agree!